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" Music from.. a Plastique Environ "
Weep O Mine Eyes


LD-50 Review

Michael Weicker's solo project shakes the ground with his second album, Music from.. a Plastique Environ, moving into oldschool Zen Paradox sound. Sticky ambient soundscapes, as if we were listening to a feline savant's brain high on acid from beside a sound system, the rhythm's pounding hard, falling apart sometimes. A huge bonus is the use of distorted speech samples (yeah, because I love them), disappearing, appearing and disappearing again in a slow hypnosis pattern. Subterranean rhythmic electro-techno, all tracks are the same but different at the same time. A strong for is the blending of several styles, it's as if I were listening to ambient, space-techno and three-note alien love songs simultaneously. Scent of Mystic Paths is like a newer version of Jarre's Rendez-vous raindrop depressions. My favourite is Embodiment of Fiction, a B-side Scan X hearalike, hardtechno, rushing in a fractal tunnel with 120mph, remember X-Mix, no shit, hearing something like this in the scene in 2003, unbelievable! Palisade features our feline savant stuck in a hypercube covering Love Cats in a desperate version. A masterpiece amongst albums. As our brother I would say, playing it while going to empty beaches, a tunnel comes, total darkness, only the far-off lamps give you a wicked sense of time, then the light comes again, suddenly there's silence in the car, only the awe-struck "fuck me"s tell you that an angel has flown away high above.

" Weep, O Mine Eyes: Weep? I nearly wet myself if that counts!" 

Future Music
Stephen Lawson

" brokenpaws "


The Noise artist is only limited by the limitations put on himself or herself. If a musician relies entirely on "familar" instruments for composition or traditional ways of exploring these instruments the musical explorations will be limited. I admire musicians like Richard Reynolds ( Broken Paws ) who weaves the environment around him into his music. This is a fine example of electric and acoustic sound collages, very subtle and ambient at some moments, harsher at others. Reynolds incorporates the following into his music, squeaks , mattress percussion , wind up toys , metal sheet percussion and a long list of "conventional" instruments. Good mood music without creating visions of golden sunsets and wind swept beaches that new age tries to invoke 
Myke Dyer 
Nerve Magazine


"New Urban Gothic "

 Weep O Mine Eyes


LD-50 Review

New Urban Gothic review by European Industrial and Gothic culture magazine LD-50: 

"I definitely had to throw my preconceptions away when dealing with the material of Weep, O' Mine Eyes. The keywords of New Urban Gothic (which appears as the title of this seven-track album) automatically evoked something electronic, moody and introspective [the kissing couple statue on the cover deepened this pre-first impression even more]. "Nah, I don't believe this is gonna be some oldschool Cyberaktif-like EBM"., then later, "Uh, dark noisy synth-pop in the vein of Benestrophe?", and a minute later, "Wait, did I feel a bit of Front 242 there?". And that's just the first track. The moody, gothic feeling evades the later part of the album with occasional pumping and heaving of beats, tracks Where be Now?, From Here I Stand and iami are showing some decent 4/4 beat structure to shake your tentacles to. Still, extra kudos go to Michael Welcker for the pro ordering of the tracks. Deep, rumbling synth layers absorb pounding beats, spiced with extra percussive noise samples, a great mixture of Raison d'Etre and Zen Paradox, tuned to a late-night black-and-white documentary TV channel with hi-speed amok run courses through crowded streets of European megalopoli. Sort of in the vein of older Front 242 video clips. All in all, definitely something you would want to invest your money in. Highly innovative, highly visionary, highly urban. " Review by Da Mage at LD-50

" The Affectionate Bunch " Vol 1 

Billy Mackenzie / The Associates Tribute 

" Nude Spoons " Richard Reynolds ( brokenpaws ) 
" Ever since that Day " Richard Reynolds & Kevin Kokoszka ( kevimetal )


A collection of songs billed as " A tribute to the life and music of Billy Mackenzie"
Put together and performed by genuine fans, this 11 track cd is a superb tribute to the maverick Mackenzie and contains a mix of raw edged and finely polished covers.
(Plus 1 hidden Track )
Stand out tracks are
"Ever since that Day " ( Richard Reynolds & Kevin Kokoszka ) ...
It is a must for all Mackenzie/Associates fans. A real gem ...
William Wilson

" The Ropes That Bind "
wings + heaven 
(orginal release 1988 brokenpaws & Weep O Mine Eyes )


“ Alberta’s answer to Duet Emo , Cabaret Voltaire , and Dalis Car ...

 Strong blending of electronic and human impulses.

.. Take us through  minimal . moody throbs to syncopated . hyperdanceable beats with meticulous chops and sequencing ( plus a noteworthy stereo image mix)

Ear Magazine 


“ A lot of the material , which uses rhythmic pulsations and plastic milk crates , acoustic instruments and germicide cannisters , has a murky ambience and will appeal to those seeking an altered state of Canadian music ... “

Graffiti Magazine 



“ Rythmical basis of Body- Electro style with experimental technics...

also sampling ...

alike with DAF and Cabaret Volitaire ... “

Studenski List

Youth Radio Gajeva 10



" Wikked KOOL !!

Melodic noodlings , somewhat menacing... "




" The Affectionate Bunch II "
Billy Mackenzie / The Associates Tribute


Stabbing cellos, brutally-dark ominious beats and faux accordian make for a wonderful different and European rendition of 
" Three Gypsies In A Restaurant "  ( brokenpaws )

Richard Reynolds from brokenpaws and Soren Larson (Denmark) collaborate with a sultry ambient piano ballad version of 
" Blue It Is "  ( Tranznational )
from Billy's Winter Acedemy project